Cheltenham Commemoration of the Declaration of War, 4th August

August 4th marks the Centenary of the start of World War I. Otherwise known as the Great War, some thought it would be the War to end all wars. Sadly that dream was to die along with millions killed in that war and many subsequent conflicts.
The Commemoration begins at Christ Church in Malvern Road at 10.00 with a short service. If it is wet, we will meet in the church. If dry, we will be outside. With us will be the Glosters Cross, which was made at the Somme by soldiers involved there.

We will then process with the Cross to the Minster (St Mary’s in the town centre). The Cross will be carried on a bier that is being loaned for this purpose by the Hebrew Community of Cheltenham.
At the Minster the cross will be carried into the church and there will be another short service. It is expected this will be completed by 11.30.

The Minster will be open until 7.00 in the evening and there will be a number of prayer stations to enable us to remember, reflect, and respond. One of the prayer stations will be made by a group of German students who are staying in the town.
The invitation is to the town to commemorate this significant event. Please get in touch with any questions or for more information.
Thank you for your support for this event.
Tudor Griffiths (Rector of Cheltenham)
St Matthew’s Church office (Tel 01242-519520) Mobile: 07718-906066

Cheltenham Minster




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