Gordon Boys Brigade: Surnames D-L

Charles DUTTON (1884-1918) GB
Pte (36798) 1 Gloucestershire Regiment
Charles was the youngest son of Charles, a bricklayer’s labourer, and Mary Ann (nee McCarthy) who married in 1878 in Cheltenham. Charles was born in 1884 and went to the Practising School. After leaving school he joined the Gordon Boys’ Brigade and took part in the under-14s team in the Brigade Sports Day in October 1898 to commemorate the recent taking of Khartoum in the Sudan. Charles worked as bus conductor in 1901, later he worked for Mr Carter before enlisting for six years in 4 Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment on 19 August 1906. He had attended the Old Gordon Boys’ Dinner in January 1906. In 1891 the family lived at 37 Rutland Street and 10 years later they were at 30 Rutland Street where they still lived in 1918. His brother Joseph E was also a Gordon Boy and a keen sportsman.

George Frederick EDWARDS (1896-1915) GB
Pte (9931) 7 Gloucestershire Regiment
George was born in 1896 in Cheltenham the son of John, a self-employed shoemaker, and Catherine Louisa (nee Jenkins) who married in 1884 in Cheltenham. The family lived at 14 Brunswick Terrace in 1891 and by 1901 had moved to 60 Rutland Street where they probably lived for the next 10 years. George had four brothers: John, Thomas, Bertie and Albert. Were any of them in the Gordon Boys Brigade? He had a sister Catherine who died at birth in 1888. Two other sisters survived: Kate born in 1886 and Rosa in 1902. He enlisted as a regular soldier in the 1st Battalion, Gloucester Regiment at Bristol in February 1914. In 1915 his address was 14 Cleveland Street.

George Frederick Edwards
George Frederick Edwards

Frederick Thomas FAULKNER (1888-1916) GB
Pte (6395) 2 Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Frederick was born on 3 June 1888 in Cheltenham the son of Frederick and Mary Jane (nee Ivin) who married in 1885 at St Luke’s, Cheltenham. They had nine sons and six daughters (see table below) of whom 5 sons and 2 daughters survived. Frederick (senior) was a railway porter in 1891 and later he became a coal merchant’s labourer. The family lived at 1 Bubbs Cottages in 1891. Frederick (junior) went to St Peter’s Infants School and to St Peters (probably the junior section). After leaving school he joined the Gordon Boys’ Brigade when the family lived at 6 Sun Street.
Brothers Sisters
John Charles born 1886 (butchers porter) Annie E J born 1889
Albert Douglas born 1890 died aged 2 mths Doris G born 1892 died aged 2 mths
George T born 1894 (twin) died aged 5 mths Maria G born 1894 (twin) died aged 5 mths
Arthur H b 1895 Florence A born 1897 died in 1898 aged 7 mths
Cyril H A born 1899 (twin) died aged 1 month May E E born 1900
Albert E R born 1899 (twin) died aged 1 month Gertrude M born 1905 died aged 4 mths
Albert E born 1902
Frank E born 1903
Frederick left Cheltenham, as did brothers John and Arthur, to look for work in the South Wales coal mines. The family lived at Stanleytown, Tylorstown in South Wales. His brother Frank died in WW2 aboard HMS Lightning. Were any of Frederick’s brothers Gordon Boys?

James Harold Gilbert FENNELL (1896-1918) GB
Pte (24662) 1 Gloucestershire Regiment
James (also known as Gilbert) whose father George was a hairdresser, and Jane (nee Hawling), married in 1888 at St Peter’s, Cheltenham. In 1891 the family lived at 210 High Street and on 2 October 1896 Gilbert was born. In 1901 the family were living at 218 High Street and were still there in 1911. Gilbert went to the Parish Church Infant’s School and moved to the Junior School on 3 October 1904. He had joined the Gordon Boys’ Brigade by 1911 and then became a page at the Cheltenham Training College. His commanding officer sent a letter of condolence to the family when Gilbert died. They had a large family of six daughters, three of whom died, Beatrice M born 1901 aged 6 months, Rosa E born 1903 who died aged 4 months and Jane E born 1904 who died in 1905 aged 11 months. Amy F born 1889, Emily F born 1890 and Ada M born 1893 survived. George, their eldest son, born in 1892 died in 1893 aged 9 months. Albert E J born 1895, George R born 1898 and William A born 1900 all survived. Were these three also Gordon Boys? In 1918 the lived at 20 Hereford Villa, Swindon Road, Cheltenham.

James Harold Gilbert Fennell
James Harold Gilbert Fennell

James Christopher Lipscomb GAPPER (1898-1915) GB
Lance corporal (13363) 10 Gloucestershire Regiment
James was born in Cheltenham in 1898 the son of James, a labourer, and Jane (nee Wadley) who married in the town in 1891. By 1901 the family lived at 4 Whitehart Street when his father was a bricklayer’s labourer and his mother a laundress. By 1911 the family had moved to 60 Burton Street and James senior worked for the Borough Council. They had two daughters Matilda E born 1892 and Annie L born 1894.

James Christopher Lipscombe Gapper
James Christopher Lipscombe Gapper

Albert Henry GARDNER (1896-1918) GB
Lance corporal (10067) 1 Gloucestershire Regiment
Albert was born in Cheltenham in 1896 the son of Henry and Alice Mary (nee Bird) who married at All Saints in 1894. In 1901 Henry worked at the Water Works and the family lived at Beechurst Cottage, Hales Road. In 1911 they lived at 7 Hillview Terrace, Cheltenham. They had three daughters: Kate A E born 1895, Alice M born 1900 and Florence born 1901. By 1911 Albert had joined the Gordon Boys’ Brigade and later he worked for Lord Kinsale at The Grange, Marle Hill, Cheltenham. In 1918 the family lived at 3 Ferndale Terrace, St Lukes, Cheltenham.

Albert Henry Gardner
Albert Henry Gardner

Frederick Robert GEGG (1897-1917) GB
Pte (20331) 7 Gloucestershire Regiment
Frederick was born at Prestbury the only son of Robert William and Kate (nee Halliday) who married in 1897 at St Luke, Frampton Mansell. They lived in a cottage at Prestbury in 1901 and Robert was a stone mason. Frederick was born on 9 August 1897 and he went to Holy Trinity School on 13 May 1901. Later he went to the Practising School and left in August 1911 when he and his mother lived at 26 Victoria Street with Frederick’s uncle Albert Lance. Frederick worked as an errand boy after leaving school and then became a member of the Gordon Boys’ Brigade. In 1917 his parents lived at 41 Albert Street, St Pauls, Cheltenham.

George Stanley GRENOW (1898-1918) GB
Pte (28185) 1 Prince Albert’s (Somerset Light Infantry)
George, also known as Stanley, was born in Watermore, Cirencester on 17 July 1898, the son of Leonard, a railway signalman and Clara (nee Axton) who married in 1895 at The Parish Church, Cirencester. The family moved to Cheltenham and in 1911 lived at 1 Albert Street, St Pauls. Stanley’s last school was the Practising School which he left on 26 February 1912 when the family still lived at 1 Albert Street. Before the war Stanley was employed at the Oriental Café at the 395 High Street, Cheltenham. Stanley’s siblings were Ethel born 1896 Cirencester, Ella born 1901 Ross-on-Wye, Clara Alice born 1902 Ross-on-Wye but died in 1905 at Ross-on-Wye, Lucy born 1905 Ross-on-Wye and Leonard born 1913 in Cheltenham. In 1918 the family lived at Hungerford Villa, Larput Place, Cheltenham until the 1950’s.

George Stanley Grenow
George Stanley Grenow

Frederick GRINNELL (1883-1915) GB
Pte (18947) 1 Gloucestershire Regiment
Frederick was the youngest son of Edwin and Jane (nee Gardner) born 1883 in Chedworth. His parents married in 1866 at St Mary, Chedworth but by 1890 Jane was a widow as Edwin had died aged 51. By 1901 Jane had moved to Cheltenham and she lived at 2 Cleveland Buildings with her two youngest sons. Frederick was a Gordon Boy and there is a record of him playing rugby for the Gordon League in October 1899. On 30 August 1913 he married Elizabeth Anne Poyner of Newnham-on-Severn at St Peter, Cheltenham, and they had a daughter, Freda, in 1914. Before the war he was employed at Dobell & Son, Wine Merchants in the Colonnade and High Street, Cheltenham. In 1915 the family lived at Calcutta Cottages, Cheltenham. Frederick’s siblings were: William George born 1867, Thomas born 1869, Albert Edward born 1870, Mary Ann born 1872, Arthur Charles born 1873, John born 1875, Frank born 1877 but died in 1880 aged 3, Harry born 1878, Elsie born 1880 died aged 1 week, Elsie born 1881, Ellen born 1886. Was Harry also a Gordon Boy.

Frederick Grinnell

Henry Francis HALLING (1879-1918) GB
Pte (83630/6297/33812) Labour Corps
Henry was born on 17 March 1879 the son of William and Annie (nee Clark) in Cheltenham. They married in 1871 at St Peter’s, Cheltenham. William was a carter and the family lived at 143 Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham. His wife had had 15 children of whom 7 survived in 1895, the remainder died in infancy. William had been injured and had only done five weeks work in the last 19 months. A child was born at the end of 1894 and was very weak and died aged 7 weeks so the coroner had directed that a post mortem be held. The cause of death was cerebral anaemia. William was asked at the post mortem about his finances and he said he “lingered” on parish pay and the earnings of a son who was in the Gordon Boys’ Brigade. This was his son Henry Francis. The jury recorded a verdict in accordance with the doctor’s evidence and gave their fees to William.
Henry went to the Parish Church Infants School and left to go to St Peter’s School on 5 December 1887. The family lived at 143 Tewkesbury Road in 1895, 7 Malvern Street in 1897 and 16 Hereford Place in 1901. Henry married Emily Bleby in 1899 who died in 1908 aged 25 and they had a daughter, Annie, in 1900. In 1901 Henry lived with Annie Lawrence (Emily’s mother) and he worked as a draper’s porter. In 1909 he married Elsie Gould and they had Frederick C born 1910, Donald L born 1912, Ivy V born 1914 and Arthur H born 1916. Another child, William D D, was born in 1919. In 1911 Henry and Elsie lived at 15 Swindon Place with Beatrice Rose born 1902 and Frederick Charles aged 9 months. Henry worked as an ironmonger’s porter in 1911. In 1918 the family lived at 131 Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham.

Henry John JAMES (1897-1917) GB
Rifleman (24731) 16 Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort’s Own)
Henry, known as Harry, was born on 22 Feb 1897 at Charlton Kings, the son of Ernest, a farm labourer, and Catherine (nee Weston), who married at St Mary’s, Charlton Kings in 1897. He was baptised at St Mary’s on 12 March 1897. He enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery (87113) but transferred to the Rifle Brigade. In 1901 the family lived at Providence Place, 2 Chestnut Terrace, Charlton Kings. When he started at Lyefield School, Charlton Kings on 1 May 1903 the family lived at 5 Wheelley Cottages, Bafford Road and he left school on 24 February 1911. He joined the Gordon Boys’ Brigade in 1911. Harry, who was the eldest in the family, had eight siblings: Francis E born 1898, Gladys E K born 1899, William E born 1901, Sidney born 1903 and who died in 1905, Alfred H born 1905, Florence born 1907, Nellie born 1909 but she died in 1910 aged 2 months and Arthur J born 1912. Harry’s brother William served in the regular army for 22 years in the Gloucestershire Regiment, Royal Artillery and the Royal Berkshire Regiment in India, Cyprus and Palestine. For 16 years he had no home leave and rose to the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major. In 1943 he transferred to the Royal Navy and married Annie Kathleen Clerkson. He was a Petty Officer and was killed in action at sea in 1944. His home address was Union Inn, Fairview, Cheltenham. Were any of the brothers also Gordon Boys?

Henry John James
Henry John James

Jesse JONES (1887-1915) GB
Pte (7802) 1 Gloucestershire Regiment
Jesse, the son of Jesse, a corporation labourer, and Ann Maria (nee Wildsmith) who married in 1873 in Cheltenham, was born on 3 October 1887. His mother died in 1900. Jesse and Ann Maria lived at 12 Queens Street in 1891 and had moved to 46 Queens Street in 1893 when, on 27 October, Jesse went to St Peter’s School from the Infants. He left St Peter’s school on 23 August 1895. In 1901 the family lived at 19 Queens Street and Jesse was a member of the Gordon Boys’ Brigade. He will have taken part in the Annual Christmas Dinner, cooked by the matron, Mrs Morse, and the biennial outing. In 1906 he attended the Old Gordon Boys’ Dinner and sang a song. Jesse had 9 siblings: Maria born 1873, Alick born 1875, Fanny born 1877, Harry born 1879, Edith born 1882, Allan born 1885, Olave born 1890 and who died in 1891 aged 4 months, Emily born 1892 and Frank born 1895. Were any of the brothers also in the GBB?
Jesse enlisted as a regular soldier in the Gloucestershire Regiment on 3 November 1904. His initial training was at Horfield Barracks, Bristol. He was posted to the 2nd Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment on 21 February 1905 and was based at Warley, Essex before transferring to Aldershot in November 1906. Before 1908 Jesse had left the 2nd Gloucesters and had been posted to India to join the 1st Battalion. They moved from Amballa to Lahore in 1907, then to Dalhousie in 1908 and back to Lahore, then on to Bombay before sailing home to England in October 1910. Jesse served in Malta probably for 3 years and he returned to England on about 23 July 1913 as he was ineligible to go with the Battalion to Tientsin, North China. Jesse’s named appears several times in 1st Battalion orders and there is a complete set for him from 1908 to 1911:
18 April 1908 – Awarded 3rd Class Certificate of Education – Lahore 8 April 1908;
29 June 1908 – Granted 1st Good Conduct Badge – Lahore 23 August 1907;
8 October 1909 – Fined 2/6d for drunkenness – Bombay 5 October 1909;
15 October 1909 – Forfeits 1 Good Conduct Badge – Bombay – 5 October 1909;
12 November 1909 – Qualified in Swimming – Bombay 28 September 1909;
31 October 1909 – Service Pay raised to 5d – Bombay 2 November 1909.
He became a reservist in 1913, living in Queen’s Street, Cheltenham and worked on a station book stall. He was called up in August 1914 and was wounded from shots through his right shoulder and leg in September 1914 and was in hospital in Birmingham.

Thomas Charles JORDAN (1896-1918) GB
L/Cpl (23259) 8 Gloucestershire Regiment
Thomas was born in Bath on 2 December 1896, the son of Terah James, a coachman domestic born in Albury, Hertfordshire, and Annie Maria (nee Spreag) who was born in Cheltenham. They married at All Saints, Gloucester in 1891. The family lived in Millbrook Street in 1906 and Thomas went to Lyefield School, Charlton Kings on 16 July 1906 after leaving the Infants and left Lyefield School on 2 December 1910. Thomas joined the Gordon Boys’ Brigade, as did his younger brother Frank, who was born at Ditteridge, Wiltshire on 26 June 1899. The family lived at Hambrook Street in 1911. Frank went to Lyefield School on 1 May 1906 and left on 20 June 1913. Thomas went to work as a gardener for Mr Player of Thirlestaine Hall, Cheltenham after leaving the Gordon Boys Brigade. In 1918 the family lived at Northwick Villa, Bath Road and Thomas last resided at Ryeworth Road, Charlton Kings. His siblings were: Dorothy born Scotland 1894, Kathleen born 1901, Marion born 1904, Arthur born 1906 and Amy and Maud born 1908.

Thomas Charles Jordan
Thomas Charles Jordan

Frederick John “Jack” LOVESY (1891-1917) GB
Sgt (17185) 9 Gloucestershire Regiment
Jack was born on 1 May 1891, the son of Henry George, a builders labourer, and Louisa (nee Lock) who married at Charlton Kings in 1889. The family were living at Hamletts Yard in Horsefair Street in 1898 when Jack left his Infant School on 2 May to go to Lyefield School, Charlton Kings which he left on 10 June 1904. The family moved to Canterbury Villa, Copt Elm Road in 1911. He joined the Gordon Boys’ Brigade and at the Old Gordon Boys’ Dinner in January 1913 he took part in a musical programme. Prior to the war he was employed for 8 years at the “Oriental Café and Cosy Corner”, Promenade, Cheltenham by Mr Marfell. Jack was a faithful and trusted employee and he was held in high esteem. His siblings were Henry G born 1890, Ernest C born 1892, Albert E born 1894, Ethel W L born 1895, Beatrice M born 1901 and Vera N born 1904. Was his brother Henry also a Gordon Boy?

All brigade records are lost but I believe about 1,200 boys were members over the 35 year period. I have not been able to find all the Gordon Boys who died in WWI and I would be very grateful for any information so that all the boys can be remembered.

By Audrey Dingle, 01242 573381.


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