War memorial restoration

March 2015 update Work to conserve Cheltenham war memorial begins

February 2015 update Second Stakeholder Meeting and addition of names to memorial

September 2014 update WW1 Cheltenham and War Memorial restoration- Stakeholder Event 15th September.

Memorial restoration begins

Monday, 21 July signals the start of a very exciting programme of restoration for Cheltenham’s war memorial.

The restoration marks the centenary of the First World War and the first stage will be completed by 5 September, in time for Battle of Britain Day on 21 September and Remembrance Sunday.
Phase one of the restoration will involve the repaving of the memorial in York stone, cleaning and immediate repairs of the balustrades. There will also be improvements to drainage systems and there will be new LED lighting fitted around the memorial. In order to secure the site whilst work is underway, hoardings will be placed around the memorial from 21 July 2014.
Cheltenham Borough Council is currently planning a phase two restoration project, to be carried out over a longer period, which would involve the restoring all the names on the memorial, refurbishing the old garden lanterns, cleaning the existing metal plaques and providing a visitor board and information app for educational purposes.
Simon Wheeler, mayor of Cheltenham said: “The war memorial is an important part of Cheltenham’s heritage that needs to be looked after. The next four years will be a highly emotive time as we remember and recognise the valour and sacrifice of those who fought and worked in the Great War. For those who didn’t come home, we seek to at least ensure their names remain etched in Cheltenham history.”
Councillor John Rawson, cabinet member for finance added: “The work that will be done in the next few weeks will be a sign of our determination to restore the war memorial to its former glory, as part of a bigger restoration and education project over the next four years.”
restoration start

3 thoughts on “War memorial restoration

  1. Christopher M Raymer

    I have
    an observation regarding the reference on the War Memorial to Brooke-Murray Capt Kenneth Algernon. It states that he was in the RAF, but at the time of his death that would not have been possible, he was with the Royal Flying Corps. When the lettering is renewed, could this be rectified.? I am a “second Cousin” to this gentleman.

    Christopher Raymer
    64 Caernarvon Road, Cheltenham

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